Farpoint Retrievers Uncategorized Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug

Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug

Stretch Your Ass to the Extreme with Our Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug
? Bulbous body offers pleasingly full sensations
? Large butt plug for advanced anal explorers
? Tapered tip for easy insertion and a flared base for secure play
This toy is a mammoth of anal play and is recommendable for experts. If you’ve ever eyed up a lemon and thought ‘not big enough’ then the Ace of Spades large butt plug could be perfect for you. While a little bigger than its citrusy friend, it features the same tapered tip and offers highly refreshing sensations.
Go to the next level in anal play and pleasure Bridal and Wedding Lingerie with this challenging anal toy, which measures 10 inches at its widest point. Firm but slightly squeezable, it has a tapered tip that widens to a mighty 10-inch girth for totally filling stimulation. The wide soft base ensures it sits safely and comfortably inside you.
After getting comfortable with this large butt plug inside your ass, you can wear it around the house or while doing your daily errands. When wearing it would be great to be relaxed and aroused to ensure an easy penetration. Use plenty of lube when sliding it in. This toy will firmly hold its plump rounded shape while deep inside your anal cavity. The hefty length and impressive thickness will stretch you right out and fill you up fully, and the wide flat base lets you use this big guy hands-free.
Aside from its incredibly slick, pleasantly weighty, and decidedly smooth texture, glass is also incomparably hygienic; it’s perfectly nonporous and absolutely seamless, presenting numerous possibilities for cleansing. The Over Easy can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization, which makes sharing possible, plus, it wipes clean with simple soap and water or a good toy cleaner.

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